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Here at Awakened Herbs we believe one should ever have to settle for anything less than the highest quality when it comes to cannabis products. Our diversity in genetics and applying sustainable technologies how keep moving forward as discover the new frontiers of what is possible. We only grow the World’s Greatest Cannabis Strains, because you deserve nothing less than the best.

Our growing methods have been developed and adapted over decades of experience. All of our cannabis plants are fed and raised on 100% Organic Nutrients. We never use any harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides like many other growers out there. We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to harvesting, curing, and processing our cannabis. That’s because we believe in providing the best experience for our customers through true craftsmanship.

As Master Artisans of Cannabis our aspiration is to have a world renowned reputation for always creating award worthy products. We promise to always stay true to our Brand’s Satisfaction Guarantee. Which is to always provide our customers with New England’s Top Shelf Artisan Cannabis Flowers, Concentrates, & Prerolls.

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Caregiver Qualifications

Maine DHHS Licensed Medical Cannabis Caregivers With Knowledge, Experience, & Wisdom.


Years Experience

Our team has 12 years of professional experience in the medical cannabis industry as both caregivers and fellow medical patients. From learning how to become a master grower through over a decade of farming crops. To discovering how to provide the best new products and legendary services to our patients. We are always professionals that do an honest day’s work, we never charge more than we need to, and we do our jobs very well. That is why we will earn your trust gracefully.

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Cannabis Certifications

We believe that having a solid educational foundation is very important for providing excellent patient care. That is why our team is dedicated advancing our knowledge through achieving new degrees and certifications. Currently our team has 6 combined cannabis certifications under our belts. We are also training to become certified herbalists by the end of Autumn 2017 too. So we can then begin to take care of our patients healthcare from a more natural holistic approach.

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Professional Caregivers

A medical cannabis patient should never have to worry about whether or not they will be able to reach their caregiver to get their medicines in time. That is why we have a dedicated team of two caregivers that will always have your back. We make sure that everyone is always supplied with the medicine they need as soon as possible whenever you need us. If we are ever closed, or plan to go on vacation. We make sure our patients are always notified ahead of time and taken care of in advance.

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MMCM Trade Union Members

The Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine is a professional trade association. They provide classes, certifications, legal resources, and a network for fellow caregivers to connect with each other to provide the best collective patient experience for everyone. We are proud to be members of this trade association.

Medical Budtenders

The Trichome Budtender Certification from THC University taught us the cannabis industry best practices that keep our patients happy. We learned how to guide our patients through the entire process of figuring out what cannabis medications will work best for them. As well as how to conduct our businesses.

Cannabis Sommeliers

Discovering the best cannabis strains is a lifelong challenge that we love to partake in daily. We know how to decipher lab test results, pick out all the subtle differences, flavorful nuances in natural terpenes, and blend cannabis strains together to create unique pre-rolled joints that are out of this world.

Cannabis Business Specialists

The cannabis industry is very complex. It can take weeks, months, and/or years of market research and business development just to startup. The Cannabis Business Certification from THC University helped lay the foundation for us to build upon and become a positive influence within our local communities.

Horticultural Specialists

The THC University Horticultural Specialist Certification has given us the knowledge to perfect our growing skills. This has given us mastery over our ability to grow some of the world’s most powerful all natural and organic medical cannabis strains. It also allows us to give great growing advice through consultations.

Cannabis Product Specialists

There is a lot of cannabis medications to choose from. The science and artisan craftsmanship that is involved in making fine cannabis products involves more than most imagine. We’ve achieved the Cannabis Products Certification from THC University to ensure that our knowledge is true when we share it with our patients.

Caregiving Services

Supporting All Your Medical Cannabis Needs

Our caregivers have a strong passion for everything that has to do with medical cannabis (Medical Marijuana). Our team is well connected in the industry and we know how to do our jobs very well. We love sharing our knowledge, experience, and wisdom with our clients through a diversified variety of affordable professional consultations. As well as regularly meeting with licensed in-state and visiting patient travelers within Maine to provide the best cannabis medications in person at our office, or while making old fashioned house calls on local deliveries to your location.

Patient Medications Local Delivery & Office Appointments 100%
Medical Cannabis Farming, Harvesting, & Processing Services 80%
Medical Cannabis Genetics Research & Development Services 60%
Medical Cannabis Sommelier Services 40%
Medical Cannabis Cooking Services 20%

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Our Goal Is To Ensure That You'll Always Love Having Us As Your Caregivers

Experience The Highest Level Of Professionalism Through Our Caregiving Products & Services

We have 100 different products in our store. Many are available through special order & require advanced notice to purchase. Popular items are kept in stock at a lower reduced price.
Whether you are young, elderly, handicapped, and/or have a medical condition that requires special care. Awakend Herbs is always kind, polite, and understanding with our patients.
We are passionate about being medical cannabis caregivers. We really love our jobs and that always shines through in everything that we do for every person we choose to work with.
Our Caregivers always want to achieve 100% satisfaction with our products & services. If you’re ever not satisfied, contact us to let us know, and we’ll do our best to satisfy you gracefully.

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